Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween is finally here!

I've been waiting. make this cake. I bought the mold the day it came out I think, I happen to be at the craft store, but since I bought it, all I wanted was for Monday to come. Monday, October 31st. I suddenly love Halloween. It's not the dressing up, or passing out candy, although I love the excuse to have candy in the house, it's not even the decorating. It's the baking. Holiday baking, regardless of the holiday, is just more fun! And honestly, more opportunity. For as much as I love to bake, customers love not to. It's another excuse for treats in the house, which most don't have time to make. Enter bakeries, restaurants and coffee shops. Halloween, which is on a Monday this year, thus providing a boost for a typically slow eating out day, is giving not only kids reason to celebrate. Seems a good chunk of people will be putting costumes on display and taking kids out to eat Monday. With school, offices and parties, it's a great day to buy goodies! Check out these fun ideas from some establishments around the country to jazz up their Halloween offerings. Do you have anything ghoulish in store?!

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