Friday, October 7, 2011

Do we see EYE to EYE....?

I am a flurry of Halloween excitement. Which is funny…it’s never been my favorite holiday, and I still don’t love dressing up; but it’s a holiday that centers around sweet foods and candy and wonderfully spooky decorating so I've been thinking, what’s not to love?! And seemingly, as the years pass for me, I get more and more interested in participating, being the “good house” on the block and hosting friends for a fun and ghoulish evening while all their little one sort through candy and trade goods. I’ve been a fantastic customer of A.C. Moore as of late, as well as Michael’s for all the great items in the Wilton and Martha Stewart line and it’s still early but I’m practicing what I’ll be baking for a party, I’ve not yet decided if I’m going to have, only creatively thought about.

After browsing numerous blogs I noticed a pattern, eyeball cupcakes. Not to be left out of something that looks so fun and delicious, I jumped on the band wagon and was a bit over-eager. After I started decorating, I only made 18 cupcakes, I realized I made too many eyeball cupcakes because there were so many creative ways to play with Halloween ideas! You need some pretty basic items for decorating, or just colored frosting. Because my space/supplies are limited, I bought a few things to use on my cupcakes for decoration purposes. My “eyes” are made of gummy candy and candy coated chocolate pieces. First things first...the cupcake. My choice of cake mix? Of course, the Abel & Schafer Crème Cake, 22004, which is also Parve! After baking up my cupcakes, I whipped up some frosting and then, cheated. I could have colored frosting, but went with Lifesavers Gummies, and mini M&M’s . I then used some colored icing tubes (I told you I cheated!) for the bloodshot eyes. When I started getting more creative, I made some angry eyes with some black string licorice, and vampire cupcakes, using the red eyes again for the “bloody” teeth marks and finally some mummies! Lol…so much fun!

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