Friday, October 14, 2011

The Monster Mash!

So…who loves brownies?! Or, should I ask who doesn’t like brownies?...I’m a fan, I’m a corner person personally, and like my blondies, I like them chewy! We already did the pumpkin blondies, but for Halloween, I wanted to go with the traditional chocolate brownie…but fun!

While I am pretty creative, when I see something someone else does, I have to try it too. I saw these in Target, on a box actually. They sold a kit so you could make them and charged a ton for it. I bought the pieces. Marshmallows. That’s kind of it. The rest was icing which I had on hand,and some food coloring. So, basically…no excuses! Buy you some Komplet Brownie Mix (22035) and get baking! As a note, I also found these on the Betty Crocker site, here.

As a side note; while we are talking about brownies…we have the MOST AMAZING sugar free brownie, Komplet Sugar Free Brownie Mix (22145)! We developed it while the whole Atkins phase was in full effect (ugg!!!) so it contains almond flour, which makes it so rich and delicious, and has a great nutritional profile! Good fiber! So…if you have some sugar free customers, give them a fantastic treat this holiday season! Just leave out the marshmallow and frosting…

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