Friday, October 7, 2011

We've Got Spirt!

Today I'm all about cakes and decorating, there is more than Halloween to celebrate! I was reading, and saw the NFL is expanding its target audience to include more women with jewelry, clothes and parties. They launched a few new pages on their website and now there are areas for kitchen tips, recipes and contests in favor of gameday planning, cooking and celebrating, as long as there is no excessive celebrating anyway! The idea is to promote a new part of Sunday to love, homegating. They have even gone as far as selling party packs which include all you need to decorate for a party, team plates, cups, napkins, balloon, party invitations and a 16 piece cake decorating kit! Most of these items are easy enough to get online, without having to decorate a cake on your own, so I was thinking…what a great way to boost fall business! Football cakes! After searching around online, there are a few options, at least, where you can buy football decorating kits like,, and other party shops. The cakes look fantastic, the picture above is from the NFL Website and I think customers would have a blast with them! Why wait for the Superbowl to throw a game day party!? Talk to your customers for team favorites, or support the home field and make some cake!! (For the record, they taste best with Abel & Schafer cake mix…I’m just saying.)

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