Friday, September 30, 2011

Delicious Days

A tasty month it has been!! Who celebrated?! I didn't hear back from any of you, but I hope you took advantage of a few of the bakery related holidays to inspire your customers to celebrate with a few extra treats! We close out September with National Hot Mulled Cider Day and tomorrow begins Pudding Season, Eat Country Ham Month, Fair Trade Month, National Apple Month, National Applejack Month, National Caramel Month, National Chili Month*, National Cookie Month*, National Dessert Month*, National Pasta Month, National Pickled Peppers Month, National Pizza Festival Month*, National Popcorn Poppin’ Month, National Pork Month, National Pretzel Month*, National Seafood Month, and Vegetarian Awareness Month.

I’m full already. For the week long festivities the first week of October is National Chili Week, the second week is American Beer Week, National Food Bank Week and National School Lunch Week, the third week is National Kraut Sandwich Week and Pickled Peppers Week and the fourth week is Chicken Soup for the Soul Week. It's going to be exhausting. I starred the weeks and days where Abel & Schafer has products that would be great for highlighting that specific day for your customers. Have fun and loosen that belt!

10/1 – World Vegetarian Day and Homemade Cookies Day
10/2 – National Fried Scallops Day
10/3 – National Caramel Day
10/4 – National Taco Day and National Vodka Day
10/5 – National Apple Betty Day
10/6 – National Noodle Day
10/7 – National Frappe Day
10/8 – National Fluffernutter Day and National Pierogi Day
10/9 – Moldy Cheese Day…delicious.
10/10 – National Angel Food Cake Day*
10/11 – National Sausage Pizza Day*
10/12 – National Gumbo Day
10/13 – National Yorkshire Pudding Day
The second Thursday of October is also National Dessert Day*. This year, it falls on October 13th. The second Friday of October is World Egg day which would be October 14th.
10/14 – Chocolate Covered Insects Day
10/15 - National Chicken Cacciatore Day…do I hear garlic bread*?
10/16 – World Food Day
10/17 – National Pasta Day and Four Prunes Day
10/18 – National Chocolate Cupcake Day*
10/19 – National Seafood Bisque Day
10/20 – National Brandied Fruit Day*
10/21 – National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day and Caramel Apple Day*
10/22 – National Nut Day
10/23 – National Boston Cream Pie Day* and National Canning Day
10/24 – National Bologna Day
10/25 – Good and Plenty Day and National Greasy Foods Day
10/26 – Pumpkin Day and Pretzel Day* and Mince Meat Day
10/27 – National Potato Day and American Beer Day
10/28 – National Chocolate Day and Wild Foods Day
10/29 – National Oatmeal Day*
10/30 – National Candy Corn Day and Buy A Donut Day*
10/31 – Trick or Treat for UNICEF and National Candy Apple Day

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