Friday, December 9, 2011

Have a Yule That's Cool!

Are you superstitious? I’m not. When I broke a mirror 1,962 days ago, I knew I wasn’t going to have seven years of bad luck. I know that in 593 days my life won’t change. I look for four leaf clovers and pots of gold because I’m Irish, I don’t need luck and the collection of heads up pennies I find…hey, free penny. Anyway, did you know Yule logs were originally thought to determine your luck? From what I’ve read on them, there are a few variations on the theme. One is for the Yule log to bring good luck, it had to catch fire on the first attempt or ALL people who lived in the home would suffer bad luck. Another is the remains of the burnt log had to be kept for the next year’s lighting, and this would extend through multiple generations, the ashes would protect the owners from lightening strikes and evil spirits.

The Yule festival was originally a Pagan tradition that was celebrated in December and January to honor the winter solstice. Vikings and Scandinavians would go hunting for the best oak log and bring it back and burn it in respect to their gods and in celebration of life. So how did the oak log transition to the Vienna sponge cake? One thought I read is that it was created by the French in response to a large number of families who didn’t have fireplaces to burn an oak log but wanted to celebrate the tradition, which, like all delicious French things do, spread to the states. The best ones are made with Vienna Sponge Cake. And the best Vienna Sponge Cake is made from Abel & Schafer’s Vienna Sponge Cake Mix (22028). You know it’s true! Check out the brochure for Vienna Sponge Cake, it has instructions for Vienna Sponge Cake, Jelly Rolls, and Italian Rum Cake...HERE. Share your pictures if you are making a Yule Log!! I want to see!!
More Yule info...? Go here. Pictures are from here and here.

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