Friday, December 9, 2011

A Pear Tree

Do you like pears? I’m not a huge pear person…I don’t like them dried, poached, or in the canned mixed fruit, or on a plane or in a train, you get the picture. But on occasion, usually in September and October I love a really juicy pear. A really yellow, moments away form being over-ripe Bartlett. But not gritty or stringy just SO juicy that when your teeth sink into it with no resistance from flesh or fruit, juices flow down your hand and onto your wrist. Your lips glisten with a honey sweetness and the sweet smell overwhelms your senses.

Anyway, I’ve never had a Warren pear but apparently it blends the best of all its ancestors and is spectacular for baking. Its “intensely sweet, rich, spicy” flavor can’t be beat. It’s even been praised by some names we all know, Ms. Alice Waters, Martha Stewart and Oprah Winfrey. And between the food and retail world you have basically got all bases covered with those three. Its origins are interesting including bacterial disease, winter chill and the Seckel. The Warren pear isn’t common, one reason being that it takes 5 years for pear trees to bear fruit so growers typically stick to what they know works. But I wish more growers would! I want to try this smooth,sweet and complexly flavored fruit, claiming to have flavors with hints of guava, pineapple and honey. I think I’d eat this pear poached, in a tart or straight from the tree. Or in a box or with a fox...

To read more about the Warren pear, go here!

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