Friday, December 9, 2011

How Trendy are You 2012?

Not too many trends usually include us sweet folks, but I still think they are worth hearing about, if only to look back and laugh,like last year's prediction that pie would oust the cupcake, ha ha ha ha ha or for the few that do include us. This is only a short list, and there will certainly be more but according to Andrew Freeman and Company, a hospitality consulting agency whose work spans the country and specializes in marketing, PR and creative services. In Europe they see French fry menus, where you get to say how they are cut, cooked and topped, creative ice cream flavors which sound awful to me (candied beets, licorice sabayon and grass and horseradish…gack….) and yet more flavor infused vodkas, a trend we are participating in as well here in the States. Over Thanksgiving at the liquor store I saw a Swedish Fish, Cotton Candy, and Cake vodka. There were others…m;postID=1520041355593883277ore candy type flavors, but they were too absurd to remember (bubble…as in gum.) But, there is also bacon flavored, which I will be trying over the Christmas holiday in a Bloody Mary. Anyway, these flavor infusions will help mesh the science of food and food molecular gastronomy and bring foodies to new levels. But, they say the trends here in the US will be more health conscience, with a return of more classics, “free-from” menus and still more disclosure. Check out this article for more information.

According to the list from The Huff Post of upcoming trends, they see more French dips (hopefully on good bread) less food trucks and more pretzels! Yes! You know, you probably want to get in on this trend early. Luckily, I can help you. What you NEED, yes need is the Abel & Schafer fpretzel mix (22110) or base (33110). No other way to go. The James Beard Foundation's list sees more movement in the local/foraging sector, cupcakes sharing room with caneles (I would LOVE that) and still more doughnuts. You know, you probably want to get in on the ground floor of this trend too. What you NEED…oh yes, need, is one of our Abel & Schafer donut mixes. From cake, yeasted, Parve and Berliners we can help, we’ve got it all, and you'll be the trendy bakery! They also say to keep a look out for smaller portion sizes, more black market foods, fresher foods with less preservatives for a more natural taste and rise of the Peruvian cuisine. Personally, I think we should focus on doughnuts, pretzels and yes, smaller portions. If I’m going to increase my consumption of delicious sweet goods, I’m going to NEED, yes need someone else to control these portions sizes. It’s not that I don’t have will power. It’s that I don’t have will power.

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