Friday, December 2, 2011

Holiday Rolls

I don't mean the ones we all worry about when New Year's comes along, and we all start going to the gym WAY more than normal. I'm talking about the ones that give us those rolls. Delicious. The holidays are knocking at the door and for me, that’s great news, I LOVE love love the holidays! I love the baking and rush and bustle of it, even the cold; but only for December, then it has to leave. But, when you are running a bakery or restaurant or catering business and depending on customers working long hours, and stress is your constant companion it’s not nearly as romantic. According to my alma mater, “preparation is everything” so let’s get ready, again. We did Stollen before I took my month long sabbatical and panettone so let’s focus on some dinner rolls for the parties, dinners, and holiday meals we have looming over us. The Abel & Schafer 25% Dinner Roll Base 31037 is easy, delicious, TFF and kosher Parve. They are amazing…so soft and tender inside that delicate pillowy texture, covered with a dusting of flour before baking so it gets on your hands and shirt when you eat them. They are perfect for mopping up gravy, sauce and au jus, and the best thing about them is that with our Flexline bases they can be any flavor you choose!

(Do you all know about Flexline? They are dry bases, that you use ranging from 4% to 40% with the majority of them requiring somewhere between 5 to 15% of the base added to your own formulas, or in this case to the Dinner Roll Base. We’ll go over Flexline in more detail in a few weeks but for now, flavors include pesto, sundried tomato, grain, potato dill and onion…you get the picture. Great for bagels, great for pretty much everything savory but really great for 25% Dinner Roll Base!)

The rolls are easy to mix, quick proofing and easy to bake, plus, they will really make your customers happy! Give a little, get a little…some convenience for the mom’s who will repay by coming back for more.
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