Friday, December 30, 2011

No BPA for the FDA?

By the last day of March, 2012 the FDA must decide whether it will ban the use of BPA in food packaging. BPA is chemical bisphenol A, found in hard plastics of food packaging containers, and linings that seal many metal food containers. In studies done on animals, it has been found that it may have negative effects on health. Scientists believe that BPA will negatively react with the “brains, behavior and prostate glands of fetuses, infants and young children” others link it to an increased risk of cancer and other life threatening diseases.

The FDA has said that a recent assessment of B.P.A. at current levels of exposure has not been shown to harm people of any age but did recognize the harm in animals and sees the need for further studies. As of 2010 the FDA said that additional research was in progress and that there should be steps to reduce exposure to BPA and support action to stop producing products for infants contaminated with BPA and minimize BPA levels in other items. The American Chemical Council has said that BPA is safe, and they don’t expect the FDA to change their position, maintaining that BPA is safe in food containers, as government agencies around the world have determined.Click on the link below to learn more and determine if you want to take additional steps to avoid BPA exposure.

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