Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Social Media's Socially Inept

I've heard there are some folks out there against the technology push. No smart phones (gasp!), no Twitter account and no Facebook page! As you can see, I'm baffled enough by this information, I'm blogging about it. But I have to tell those people, beware! Technology is pushing back, as is most of Generation X, and basically all of Gen Y (the Millennial’s). There are options though, not to worry. You can be left in the dark and miss out on some major marketing opportunities or hop on board this gem of what is not a trend, but a new way of life. The arguments are the same. "It's invasive, it's too personal, I don't want to", and I will say back to you, "it's okay, don't worry, everything new and different is kind of scary".  “Fine” you may think, but not say out loud, surrendering…but how? I am here to tell you not to be embarrassed by that question, that’s a question lots of people have.

There are some easy steps to get started, after of course signing up for some social marketing networks, which is only as hard as giving up 10 minutes of your time, tops. First before you even go online…think of how you want to brand yourself. Tell your customers the answer to the first question they will have. Why do they need to know you…what do you do?  That is easy enough, right? Everyone likes to brag a little about how great their venture is. So, tell them 1. What is it you do, 2. What you want to be known for and 3. What you can do for them. People want you to make their lives better and easier. It doesn’t need to be complicated, wordy, over analyzed or lengthy, just to the point. We make the best bread you will ever eat so you don’t have to. No time to bake, we bake for you….you are providing a voice for your business. And remember, with the internet, once it is out there, it’s out there. There is no take backs. If you say it, it’s said forever so, no angry thoughts or private info; only share things that it’s okay for other people to know. Now, keep reading the Open Forum article here, to find the next steps, more thorough help and the confidence you need to get that facebook page up and running, and to blog, find “friends” or “likes” and let the world know, just how great your place is!

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