Friday, January 13, 2012

Bring Home the Bacon
There’s a new cupcake shop opening near me. They have 10 flavors of cupcakes and that’s it. One of those flavors is a chocolate cupcake with maple frosting and on top is sprinkled smoked, peppered bacon. It’s crispy, and salty and delicious; bacon, no matter what it's with, but I have to say I really like it on a cupcake! Bacon is definitely a huge flavor trend for the past year and I don’t see it going away this year. Bacon works for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and dessert. How could you not like it!? In an article from, the vice president of Mother Murphy’s Laboratories says bacon adds depth and he foresees it showing up in even more places in the future. Phil Sprovieri, Vice Presdient of sales and marketing of Flavorchem Corp says it’s going to be around for a while and while it has endless possibilities for combinations and applications you have to make sure not to overdo it. Because bacon does make everything better, QualiTech Inc who manufactures food ingredients has made a kosher Parve bacon inclusion that has lower sodium than real bacon so it’s available for all! So go ahead, throw some bacon into your scones, icings, cakes, batters and cookies, just not the wind. That's just plain wasteful.

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