Friday, January 20, 2012

I Have Food Love.

I LOVE this! I think I may have mentioned before. It’s a kind of a search engine. You and search for pretty much anything and it shows you related content. Lots of recipes, quotes, funny things, all those horrible forwards that go round and round. Anyway, the more you search the more it learns about you and sends you recommendations for what it thinks you would like. Mine sends me lots of food…I better not read too much into that. I just opened an e-mail from earlier this week and found the most delicious looking breakfast idea. If you recall, we have mentioned that breakfast is a huge day part opportunity right now. People want quick easy options, healthy, something they can eat on the run, or without getting too messy. I think this may be a fantastic answer to that! AND the really good news…I’m fairly certain you can guess where you can get a mix or base or sour to help you out….that’s right. Abel & Schafer. So, it calls for a sourdough demi. That means you either need an actual pre-made sour to add to what you are doing now, or a complete mix or just a sourdough bread base. We have it all. I don’t know if you remember, I’ve certainly told you if I was your sales person, but our sours are naturally derived. That’s why they taste better than those from other companies. They aren’t chemically manufactured. The flavor is honest and it comes in liquid or dry, wheat or rye. We also have dry mixes and bases that make your life even easier! That's what we are here for. Someone try this and let me know how it goes!

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