Friday, January 20, 2012

It's a Marshmallow World
According to a London based online newspaper, home-made marshmallows are taking New York City by storm! If I lived a bit closer, I would head into my favorite US city to check it out, but it’s quite far for me so I’ll have to take London’s word for truth until I get there or hear differently from some of you. While these are no “State Puffs”, and don’t likely resemble the marshmallows you remember or still buy to put on the end of a stick and catch fire, they are beautiful, flavorful and apparently, becoming quite trendy. I hesitate to say it because personally I don't believe it, but owner and chef of Three Tarts Bakery in Chelsea, NYC, Maria D’Urso told the New York Times that they are the new cupcakes! Scandal! The Three Tarts Bakery makes many flavors for the kid in all of us such as cinnamon, strawberry basil and chocolate rosemary. At CityBakery in New York City, they most amazing hot chocolate I’ve ever had is topped with a delicious homemade puff, as is the delicious hot chocolate at one of my favorite restaurants in Williamsburg, VA. In Indiana at a bakery called 240Sweet, chefs make marshmallows of all kinds; avocado and lime, cherry lime-aid, pineapple and mango, red bean and sesame and even chicken and beef flavor. Now personally…I’m not eating beef or chicken flavored marshmallow. I have to ignore the whole gelatin bit as it is. Making it taste like beef as well…Check out these flavors here...seriously! Who knew?! 

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