Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My Hearts Second Desire...

Valentines's coming, the Hallmark holiday that typically men dread and women put too much emphasis on. I'm guilty. I admit it. If I was logical about it (and I'm not, I'm a woman and favor emotion over logic, probably too often) I'd realize that everyday should be special, not just some random, usually weekday, where time, money, Hallmark and my facebook relationship status dictate how I end up feeling. And while for most of my life I was usually single on Valentine's Day, again this year I am not. But this doesn't help me, my boyfriend is in the military was deployed last year on Valentine's Day, our first together and this year will be on another mission. SO...the old standby will have to do. Chocolate my old friend, I need you.

I'm sure you have all heard of retail therapy. Today, I want to share with you a way to cash in on that and combine it with another soothing and successful line of help; chocolate therapy. Teenage girls, jilted collegiates, long distance lovers and scorned lonely hearts of the world UNITE! Eat chocolate. Last week we talked about the Chocolate Strawberry Valentine's Day Hearts, an excellent idea and great use of the Abel & Schafer Chocolate Creme Cake 22011 (as well as a handful of other fantastic A&S items) and this week, I'm taking it up a notch. This week I'm serious. In preparation of another Valentine's Day alone I'm asking all of you out there to make for me Molten Lava Chocolate Desserts. Ooey, gooey, chocolatey, rich and decadent. Plus, it's made with the Abel & Schafer Gourmet Brownie Mix 22035, which is just...yumm. If you don't happen to have the A&S Gourmet Brownie Mix, honestly you should get some, it's amazing. But you can also use the same Chocolate Creme Cake from last week, we're good like that. Reply to the post if you have any questions. I'm here. With chocolate.

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