Friday, January 13, 2012

Cake of Love

Now, we  know by now that I’ll be spending Valentine’s Day with some flowers that have been delivered, which I love, and a dessert I make, for myself, which will most likely be brownies…I told you the Abel & Schafer Brownie mix was amazing, I wasn’t kidding. I think mine will end up having some peanut butter chips inside and a peanut butter swirl on top. Now, if it were more than just me, I would be making something much more fantastic. I love hazelnuts. It’s not the most popular nut but I think the following is growing, as it should. Aside from being a good nut to eat for nutrition purposes (rich in healthy fat, fiber and foliate amongst other things) they are flat our delicious and that’s reason enough!

So, if I were going to be home, and looking to woo my fiancé, (yes!! My fiancé, no longer my boyfriend!) I would be making a hazelnut sponge cake, filled with hazelnut filling and then topped with rich, creamy chocolate ganache. And to do this, I would be using the Extrafine Genoise Sponge (22042) and hazelnut filling (24016). This way, with the addition of the pourable ganache, that man is putty in my hands! I think everyone deserves something so divine, so here is the way to do it…then add your own finishing touches, maybe some chocolate or nut garland and send thank you notes to the office, I’ll have them forwarded.

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