Friday, January 13, 2012

General Mills is adding more whole grains to their cereals and now over 50 of their cereal boxes boast the fact that whole grains are the leading ingredient. This begs me to ask you the question…are you adding more whole grains to your line up? You know, there are easy ways to do it. Products like Abel & Schafer’s whole grain bread mixes and bases for starters, but have you forgotten that we also have amazing whole grain mixes and bases for products like cakes, muffins and sweet dough? Imagine the combinations you can come up with, and the advertising you can do for your customers! To prove it, Abel & Schafer would be happy to provide nutritional information for any of the products we sell you, so you can show your customers how making small changes makes big differences and how you are looking out for them! Start with Abel & Schafer’s Natural Whole Grain Good Nature Chocolate and Yellow Cake Mixes (37330 and 37331), Natural Whole Grain Fiber Muffin Mix (22260), or the Whole Grain Sweet Dough Mix (22285). Read more about General Mills here.

A London based analyst group has said that healthy grains, including ancient grains, are going to be a leading force in research and development for the bakery sector in 2012. According to the report as reported by, customers see whole grains as a benefit for being healthy and natural, even when they are in more processes foods. They also said that many grains are benefiting from being linked to personal health benefits, the way oats are linked to heart health. With the trend of ancient grains and the healthy whole grains being more public these days, customers are more willing to try “new” grains like quinoa and amaranth, especially when they are associated with weight maintenance and loss. There were 9 other trends noted. To read more, click here…

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