Friday, January 6, 2012

Trends...On my way to follow a link to an article about 2012 bakery specific trends, I ended up with a dead link and being redirected to the Modern Baking website homepage. The first thing that caught my eye had to do with trends, so I went there. Finally! It seems that consumers are beginning to avoid once trendy claims like "diet" and and "low calorie", and instead looking for more positive messages like "healthy" and "smart". While it isn't likely less people trying to lose weight, hopefully, more people are trying to be smarter about it.

The good news for bakers is that means that healthy breads are no longer taboo because of carbs, but appreciated for their heart benefits. Treats in moderation, whole grain pastries or high fiber breads could be a huge hit for the spring and a welcome relief to customers! ABEL & SCHAFER offers a huge line of whole grain breads, pastries and healthy bakery ideas. You all know our Choice Six Grain (21020), that contains omega healthy flax and whole grains, but maybe it's time to shake things up a bit with customers, come on! Try something new! With our home base in Germany and facilities around the world, you know Abel & Schafer knows how to do fantastic European Breads. Pick one and just try it. Maybe Korn Duo Bread (01039) a Pumpernickel-like whole grain German black bread that contains meals, cracked grains, malt & natural rye sour is something your customers don't even know they love! Or you could try Pan D'Oro (21038) a semolina bread that is golden and chewy, has authentic flavor and a great shelf life. Sample a few loaves, slice off a piece for your customers and send them out the door with it without them asking for it. Get them hooked on real bread not it's a wonder they even call it bread, and open their eyes to the wonderful world of fresh baked bread!

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