Friday, January 27, 2012

Nutrition Facts
I’m not even certain if this is worth reporting on right now as it seems to be quite a ways in the distance but it seems we may be seeing a change in the nutritional information listed on packaged food in the distant future. An anonymous source from the Food and Drug Administration spoke to Baking & Snack about a proposal they are working on to update the recommended dietary allowances listed on the Nutrition Facts Panel. I was shocked to see that the current nutritional information is from 1968! That seems well past overdue for a makeover! The dietary guidelines for the ‘MyPyramid’ and “My Plate” tend to change way more often than that. The hope is that by changing the amounts to what people are actually consuming vs what the package determines to be a serving might better help them understand the dangers of overeating and the amount of calories they may actually be consuming which will most likely be highly unpleasant. Especially when posted on delicious snacks like macaroni and cheese and cookies. There is no word on when this proposal will actually be ready or available for view or comment. If I hear anything, I’ll let you know.

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