Friday, January 27, 2012

Now Really...

Maybe I should have mentioned it earlier, but when I send out the newsletter I can see who reads it, who doesn’t, who follows the links, who shares it…information like that. I guess what I’m saying is I know not a lot of you are reading this!! Another way I know this is that I have been getting quite a few e-mails each week asking or just assuming I’m back in my previous position and requests for information or samples. So I wanted to share with everyone again my status. My official and only position with Abel & Schafer is in the form or blogger and newsletter writer. I watch what is happening in the industry each week, look for interesting articles and stories to pass along, try to stay on top of shows or lectures and share those with you and in general, just talk. I’d love if you guys talked back. I’d love some feedback, some comments on the blog, ideas, thoughts, conversation between you guys about what’s happening in your shops, trends you see, problems you are having and having a forum to help each other out. But, I’m not in sales any longer, I can’t provide price lists or visits or leads, I don’t have that information any longer. Mike Lang, my previous Sales Manager took over the territory and he will be more than happy to help you with anything you need. You can reach him by calling the office at the phone number on the bottom of the newsletter.

So, I am sorry I’m not more of a help, but I’ll be as much of one as I can be through the blog! I have had some big changes in the past few months; I’m engaged and soon to be married so planning what is turning out to be a big wedding. My betrothed is very soon deploying, again, and not for the last time. W adopted a puppy before I was hired to help open and run a cupcake shop; which had its opening day this week. We went through over 500 cupcakes in under an hour. We “opened” at 2:00 and by 3:00 were cleaned out. It’s been a few busy weeks getting the store ready and it is unfortunately quite a commute, most of my day is shot by the time I get home. Needless to say, my hands are full!! But, Abel & Schafer is still alive and well, waiting for you to call, wanting to fill your order and with plenty of answers to all the questions you have! They will always be just a phone call away! So, Mom, who I have to assume is my readership, I’ll see you this weekend and in the meantime, if you need anything, call Mike.

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